Justice League Movie On Again

DC Comic’s The Justice LeagueDC Comic’s The Justice League

On again, off again.

Hollywood works like that.

Because of the writers strike in Hollywood, Warner Bros. “shelved” their planned big budget, live action ‘Justice League’ movie back on January 16, 2008.

Movie was to be directed by George Miller (‘Happy Feet’) and starred Adam Brody as the Flash, rapper Common as the Green Lantern, and Megan Gale as Wonder Woman. Movie was to be based on the popular DC Comic characters.

But now that the strike is over, the WB has once again given the movie a green light and everyone is back at work including screenwriters Kieran and Michele Mulroney, with production slated to start later this year.

Release of the movie, tentatively titled “Justice League of America” is set for 2010.

Neither the WB nor George Miller have made any announcements regarding who will play Superman and Batman OR if they will even be featured in the movie. From the first announcement of movie development last year, eyebrows were raised because neither Brandon Routh, who played Superman in 2006’s ‘Superman Returns’, nor ‘Batman Begins’ Christian Bale, were mentioned to be in the running to appear.

Movie plot has Green Arrow, Green Lantern, and others of the JL dealing with the expulsion of Batman and the death of Superman at the hands of the monstrous Doomsday.

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