Christian Bale Rant

Christian Bale American Psycho

Ever since we heard Christian Bale was attached to Terminator 4, we knew the film had some major potential. Regretably Bale had a ‘small’ incident while filming that has leaked out onto the internet. Continue reading “Christian Bale Rant”

5 Things I Learned While Watching The New World

The New World: The Extended Cut
New Line Cinema
Starring Colin Farrell, Q’orianka Kilcher, Christopher Plummer, and Christian Bale
Written and Directed by Terrence Malick
Rated PG-13 for some intense battle sequences.
Running Time = 135 minutes

As I watched this extended version of The New World, which was my first time viewing the film, several thoughts came to mind. I wish to share five of them with you now. Continue reading “5 Things I Learned While Watching The New World”