‘Dark Knight’ Sequel Starts Filming Next Year


And the news comes straight from Commissioner Gordon himself.

News has been iffy about the Batman sequel, with various people saying that it will happen, others saying it won’t happen and some other people who don’t care. It definitely looks like there is a sequel in the works though.

Commissioner Gordon here let it slip that the movie will start filming next year, so you shouldn’t expect it out for a couple years at the least. Sounds fine by me, I’m ready to wait a while if they can pull out something as awesome as the last movie.

Of course, we know nothing about the movie itself other than that Gary Oldman must be involved in it. We don’t even know if Chris Nolan is still on with the project, but if Oldman is playing Gordon again, you can expect the rest of the cast to be there as well. No word on the villains of course, but I sure as hell hope they don’t use any major names just for the heck of it. I, for one, do not look forward to Angelina Jolie in my Batman.

Oh, and you didn’t hear that from him, so keep a lid on it, alright?

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