Iron Man 2 the game will…. not suck? What?

And once again, cue the Black Sabbath, rock out, then IRON MAN LOGO. It’s no secret, video games based on movies have the tendency to…. what’s the word I’m looking for? Blow? Suck? Bite? Pick a euphemism for bad and you got the general idea. Sega and Marvel have apparently heard the outcry for a good Iron Man game, and intend to deliver just that.

One of the major problems with the first game was the controls. Iron Man flew around, sure, but any sort of movement in the air or targeting was a hassle. Iron Man didn’t feel like a sleek refined human mounted WMD, he felt like a Sopwith Camel(World War I fighter plane).

So, to alleviate the problem of poor controls, the development team has based the game’s controls on some of today’s most popular titles. Brink studios, who is making the game told Kotaku “The controls were a big issue in the first one, so we completely revised the controls here. They’re based on the top 20 games out there, so they should be immediately familiar to people and they’re consistent across all movement modes out there.”

It’s nice to hear the controls have had an overhaul, but I can’t help but wonder what games they based these new controls on. Gears of War? Halo 3? Burnout Paradise? Guitar Hero? Please god, not any of those Imagine games for the DS.

Another issue with the game that Brink intends to help with is the monotony. Instead of huge areas where you’re flying around trying to find a small dot to destroy, they’ve brought the range between the targets closer. The locals and enemies will also differ greatly, with a share of indoor and outdoor enemies.

It all sounds great in concept, to judge a game without playing it is just being sill. I can’t say if the game will be good or not until I play it. What Marvel says, however, sends me flying.

Marvel has started an internal committee to ensure their products are suck free.” This includes bringing in talent with in Marvel itself. Case in point, Marvel brought in a writer from their comic book series to work on Iron Man.

In fact, the writer they brought in is a writer on one of the on-going Iron Man series that has to be one of my favorite comic book series at this moment, Invincible Iron Man written by Matt Fraction. Fraction has created an amazing comic book series, one that started right after the original Iron Man movie came out that makes the movie look like X-Men Origins.

Now, this overall attempt by Marvel to create a good product might not be so new. X-Men Origins: Wolverine the game is known for being one of the really surprising Video Games based on movies to come out recently. Marvel’s attempt at a solid product might not just be all bark, they got some serious bite.

Iron Man 2 is set to be released around the same time as the movie next year, on every major console. I look forward to the demo.

Lessons Learned from Iron Man, By Kotaku

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