300: The Complete Experience – Blu-ray Review


This is Sparta…in Blu-ray! This is it. The definitive cinematic experience for fans of Zack Snyder’s 300. An immersive film environment that not only allows you to listen to how things were done as you watch the film, but see the making as well.

Aside from just watching the movie, you are given three “paths” to follow if you so wish. These paths are:

Path One: Creating A Legend – A look at how Frank Miller turned the historical account of this ancient battle into the stuff of legend and myth, and how it was then translated to the big screen by director Zack Snyder.

Path Two: Bringing the Legend to Life – A comprehensive and detailed look at the making of the film in its entirety.

Path Three: The History Behind the Myth – An analysis of the actual events that took place during the Spartan battle versus the events in the film.

Hours and hours of new footage, behind-the-scenes materials, and information are at your beck and call in this “Complete Experience” Blu-ray edition. Along with the Blu-ray, you also get a Digital Copy of the film that can be downloaded to your computer or portable device for 300 on the go.

Other special features include:

Bluescreen Picture-in-Picture

Zack Snyder compares the pre-CG footage to the finished film.

300 Spartans – Fact of Fiction?

A look at the historical account used as the basis for the graphic novel and film.

Preparing for Battle: The Original Test Footage

Who Were the Spartans?

Has nothing to do with the odiously bad Meet the Spartans.

Frank Miller Tapes

Frank Miller discusses his graphic novel now adapted into a film.

Behind-the Scenes Webisodes

Deleted Scenes

Audio Commentaries

Along with the technology, the Blu-ray comes with a hardcover booklet with instructions of navigating the film and detailed information the three paths, and director and cast bios.

More than enough action, adventure, violence, and information to keep you busy for a week, 300: The Complete Experience is a must for Frank Miller fans, Zack Snyder fans, history lovers, or people who just like seeing Gerard Butler scream: “Tonight we dine in Hell!”

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