The Mighty Boosh: Series 1-3 – DVD Review


What’s a Boosh? And what makes it mighty as the title of this BBC series so aptly suggests? Well, I don’t know. But what I do know is that this is one twisted, bizarre, and insane mind-trip that will either have you laughing your ass off or seriously confused about the humor.

It’s quite funny at points, but there are scenes that drag on too long and therefore the comedy loses its punch. You know what I mean; like those Family Guy cutaways that seem to go on and on and the joke was over like 30 seconds before but they just keep it going. It can be like that.

But it’s also from the UK, so I may not get most of the humor in this wacky and inventive series that includes crazy costumes, goofy characters, and cartoonish antics from all involved. If Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job! were produced through the BBC, I could see it looking something like this.

So, what’s it about? Two zookeepers at a rundown zoo go on a series of wild and surreal adventures that take them through time and space where they meet a host of characters and get involved in over-the-top plots. It’s crazy, it’s absurd, it’s all about the Boosh!

Each series contains a plethora of special features, which include:

Series One

Inside the Zooniverse

A look behind-the-scenes of the series

History of the Boosh

A look at how the series came to be with series stars Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding.

Boosh Music

A collection of music vids/segments from the season.



Picture Gallery

Behind-the-scenes and characters photos.

Audio Commentary


Series Two

Boosh Pilot

The first episode the of the series presented here.

Boosh Publicity

A look at the radio and TV interviews done by the cast of the series.

Making of Series Two

Commentary on all Six Eps

Photo Gallery


Deleted Scenes


A short film starring the lead actors of The Mighty Boosh.


Series Three

Making Boosh 3

Boosh Publicity

Deleted Scenes

Boosh Music


Boosh 3 Trailer

Audio Commentary

It’s an acquired taste, but if you enjoy twisted and off-kilter comedy, The Mighty Boosh is just the ticket!

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  1. I love the Boosh, ever since it came on [as] I’ve been watching it. I wouldn’t say it’s nearly as absurd as Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job, it’s more like a really long Monty Python Sketch. Christ Gore, from Film Threat and AOTS’ DVDuesday put it really well. It’s like a live action Cartoon. Probably the best part about the TV shows is the music aspect of it, particularly the few times where they do crimping. It’s not great music, but it’s incredibly funny and absurd.

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