Kevin Smith’s next movie to lose it’s title?

Kevin Smith, known for his dialogue filled romantic comedies, has strayed from his usual path. Usually directing films he writes, he has decided to instead focus just on the directing aspect. His latest movie stars Tracy Morgan and Bruce Willis along with some of Smith’s friends and acquaintances.

The movie he’s directing might have title issues though. The film was part of the 2008 blacklist, a list of the best unproduced screenplays. The title of the movie is A Couple of Dicks, great right? Well the same time Kevin Smith was confirmed to direct the movie the title was changed to “A Couple of Cops” and promptly changed back after a lot of negative responses to the title.

With Comic-Con upon us at this moment, and Kevin Smith having a panel, it seems the Dicks might be out again. After Zack and Miri Make a Porno had issues with it’s name Warner Brothers decided to do a survey with TV networks. TBS and Fox would allow the trailers with the original title at any time, with the ABC, NBC and CBS(Known as the big three) only allowing the trailer after 9:00PM.

Part of the big draw to the title is it’s humor. It’s a double entendre, and a great one at that. A title like “A Couple of Cops” doesn’t attract the same attention or image as “A Couple of Dicks” does. The movie probably would be better if it ran with the original title, but with this being Smith’s first really big movie they’re probably trying to cover their bases.

Kevin Smith’s A Couple of Dicks Might Be Forced To Find a New Title

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