Big boys toys: Lego MP3 player and iPod dock


Ah, Nostalgia. What a wonderful thing it is reminiscing about the days when we used to play with Lego. Speaking of which, check out this flashback inducing MP3 player from Homade, made from the colored buliding blocks. Well not quite, since they aren’t an official Lego product. Still, they look exactly like the building blocks of our youth.

Read on for the whole collection and the lego-like iPod dock.


The MP3 players will set you back around $46. For that you get up to 6 hours playback, built-in rechargeable battery and a maximum of 2GB of storage, as long as you provide your own microSD card.

Homade have not stopped there. They also have an iPod dock in similar vein, which is just as blocky as its dinky MP3 playing counterpart. You can pick one up right here for $40.


Now this post is done, time to head to the toy store.

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