Be a night-rider with TAG Heuer’s Night Vision Glasses


Usually we wouldn’t make such a big deal of driving glasses.

But this fetching pair designed for 24 hour Le Mans drivers from TAG Heuer makes me want to go driving late into the night, even if I have nowhere to go.

No word on price, but I suspect twilight driving in these will cost a fair few bucks.   


Ray-Ban folding sunglasses: a good look?

Ray-ban folding wayfarer sunglasses

One thing we know for sure about sunglasses is they look cool. They also make some people look cooler than they might be. Just pop a pair of shades on anyone and presto-they take on a  new-found coolness that we just can’t get from our peepers.

But looking at these Folding Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses has made me wonder; are sun-goggles that fold away still as cool?

Let’s discuss.

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