Ray-Ban folding sunglasses: a good look?

Ray-ban folding wayfarer sunglasses

One thing we know for sure about sunglasses is they look cool. They also make some people look cooler than they might be. Just pop a pair of shades on anyone and presto-they take on a  new-found coolness that we just can’t get from our peepers.

But looking at these Folding Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses has made me wonder; are sun-goggles that fold away still as cool?

Let’s discuss.

Sure, they’re a good idea. When going away on holiday it can be useful having a pair of sunglasses that take that little bit less room in the suitcase.

The folded-up Ray-Bans

But would Will Smith have looked so cool in Men In Black if he had to unfold his shades before putting them on his chisseled face.

Would Arnie have looked so scarily cool if he had to do the same in The Terminator movies?

Im still undecided.

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