Kid burns school, church; posts on GameFAQs


Stupidity on the Internet is no new phenomenon, but it turns scary when the same idiot on those YouTube comments ends up being a douchebag in real life as well. Such is the tale of a geeky teenager who asked on GameFAQs whether he should burn a school or church. And he did.

To find out how kids do the darndest things these days, hit the jump (there’s a video, too!).

The kid posted on GameFAQs forums under the username Jediknight12345 (yeah, very original, jackass) and asked if he should burn down a church or a school. As expected, responses ranged from ‘WTF?’ to ‘Spammer!’ to ‘GTFO’ to ‘Is PCGameMods down?’ Ultimately, the mods deleted it and all was forgotten.

But the kid comes back online and says that he did burn down a church and school, and had photographs for proof. The responses ranged from ‘WTF?’ to ‘WTF?’ to ‘OMGWTF?’ to ‘Is PCGameMods down?’ The kid even showed them a news clipping on the Internet about the fire.

Authorities were alerted and the kid is now under police custody, thankfully. So the lesson of the day is – if you must burn down churches and schools, do not post about it on the Internet like a gay douchebag.

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