PASSIVELY Multiplayer Online Games?

St. Nick

You’ve seen Massively Multiplayer Online Games, but I believe you’ve never even heard of Passively Multiplayer Online Games apart from a lame joke from that annoying friend. Under development at GameLayers is such a diabolical concept, and it has a ridiculously simple premise which makes me wonder why nobody tried it before.

To find out what this whole Passively Multiplayer shindig is, hit the jump!

A PMOG is a game you play through your browser as you surf the web. The Internet is the battleground, the merchant shop, the arena and pretty much the entire game world here. You hit links, go around places, meet in communities and stuff like that. That is the game. As you can see, it’s rather passive.

War will be fought across websites between Order and Chaos, “between people tagging and people spamming”. Somehow I don’t like the sound of this. If going dark side involves spamming a lot, I have a feeling websites will ban people and then the game… Hell, GameLayers must know what they’re doing.

What really excites me is the line “designing a massively-multiplayer online game fueled by the limitless data of the human internets”. This is definitely something I want to try out – imagine that, warring with random people, grabbing their inventories, slaying monsters – all on the Internets!

The PMOG plays through a Firefox extension, and is currently in Beta. I’ve signed up for the Beta, to check out how things are. Meanwhile, you check out GameLayers’ site with info on PMOG and the PMOG’s official site, where you can sign up for a beta.

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