UTV True Games Officially Launches Faxion Online

Faxion Online pits players against one another in the eternal struggle between Heaven and Hell.


Austin, Texas—May 26, 2011- (Virtual Press Office) —UTV True Games, an international publisher of multi-player online games, today announced the official launch of Faxion Online, the irreverent free-to-play massively multiplayer role playing game that pits players against one another in the eternal struggle between Heaven and Hell.

MMOGames.com calls Faxion Online ”a one-of-a-kind MMORPG experience that offers a world that feels truly alive.” MMORPG.com adds, “expect some throw back PvP for everyone.”

“A whimsical take on the good-vs.-evil mythology of heaven and hell,” says Curse.com, “with humor abound across its many levels and PvP areas.” Massively.com praises Faxion Online for its “unique blend of tongue-in-cheek humor.”

To celebrate the official launch of Faxion Online, UTV True Games is giving away an iPad 2 to one lucky fan. To enter, simply “Like” Faxion Online on Facebook. The winner will be randomly selected on June 9, 2011.

Faxion Online delivers aggressive and robust PVP gameplay and a unique territory control system that allows the opposing factions to battle for the fate of the seven deadly sins. Players begin their quest for dominance of war-torn Limbo, battling their way through each location in the game represented by the sins. With a unique multi-classing system, players will have the freedom to play the way they want with achievement and glory through adventure and combat.

For more information and to download and play the game, visit http://www.FaxionOnline.com

Duratok Slays ‘Champions Online’

My character winning design is in the game, and he kicks super villain butt!

In a previous post, I told you all that a character I designed for a contest by Cryptic Studios for “Champions Online” won, and that this character would be featured in the game at some point in the future. Well wait no more, true believers, because it’s here!

I present to you Duratok Gorehowl of the Kro’Taruk! For only 160 Atari Points, the equivalent of $2, you can summon this mighty alien warrior to fight by your side! And best of all, they’ve made a video! Check out the link below to see the reptilian warrior-giant in action!

Champions Online” is a Free-To-Play superhero MMORPG for the PC.

The Lowdown on Star Wars: The Old Republic

After months of rumours and badly-kept secrets, we finally have the official announcement of Star Wars: The Old Republic. As expected, it turns out to be an MMO, and set in the Star Wars universe; more specifically, the KotOR era.

We’re just a few hours out of the great revelation and the official site has gone online. Information is flying all across the Internets and we bring you the lowdown on what The Old Republic is going to be all about.

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PASSIVELY Multiplayer Online Games?

St. Nick

You’ve seen Massively Multiplayer Online Games, but I believe you’ve never even heard of Passively Multiplayer Online Games apart from a lame joke from that annoying friend. Under development at GameLayers is such a diabolical concept, and it has a ridiculously simple premise which makes me wonder why nobody tried it before.

To find out what this whole Passively Multiplayer shindig is, hit the jump!

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