The Lowdown on Star Wars: The Old Republic

After months of rumours and badly-kept secrets, we finally have the official announcement of Star Wars: The Old Republic. As expected, it turns out to be an MMO, and set in the Star Wars universe; more specifically, the KotOR era.

We’re just a few hours out of the great revelation and the official site has gone online. Information is flying all across the Internets and we bring you the lowdown on what The Old Republic is going to be all about.

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Star Trek Online Coverage

The game that was flip flopping all over the place, apparently is actually being made. Yeah and it doesn’t look that bad either!

I honestly can’t wait. The game takes place 30 years after Nemesis. You get to work your way up to Captain. You get to control your character across planets, go aboard your ship, and then fly it around space.

Create your own race or go with a race we’ve already seen (Humans, Vulcans, and everyone else). Customize your ships and characters. At launch you can be part of Star Fleet or the Klingon Empire. Combat, exploration, tactical actions are all here.

The graphics look solid for an MMO.

Still no news on when it will be released. Below is the video conference held by the developer Cryptic Studios at the Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas.

Star Trek Online Las Vegas Webcast from Cryptic Studios on Vimeo.

Trash talk making gaming dull?

Talking while killing a noob. It used to be something that could only be done by taking time out while waiting to respawn in FPS but now with voice communication a standard feature in most online console first person shooters should what we say be considered more carefully?
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PASSIVELY Multiplayer Online Games?

St. Nick

You’ve seen Massively Multiplayer Online Games, but I believe you’ve never even heard of Passively Multiplayer Online Games apart from a lame joke from that annoying friend. Under development at GameLayers is such a diabolical concept, and it has a ridiculously simple premise which makes me wonder why nobody tried it before.

To find out what this whole Passively Multiplayer shindig is, hit the jump!

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Pirates MMO has new content in Feb.


 Disney has announced that they are going to release more content for their Pirates of the Caribbean MMORPG game in Feb. These additions will just be to give player character new clothing, tattoo’s and jewellery. There will be additions to the actual quests and ship options later in 2008 but for now character modifications are the only soon to be released items.

Pirates MMORPG is a small game downloadable from, two of the main issues of the game are the seriously dated graphics and to make the game appeal to more people you download a small game and then gameplay areas download while you are playing them. For people on slower connections this does mean an area pops up out of nowhere. The good news though is that the game is free to play but to get all the options you have to pay a fee as usual.