Fallout The Short Film

Fallout The Short Film

This week marks the release of a short fan film called Fallout: New Vegas. This short, directed by Worth Bjorn Walters, has been inspired by the Fallout video game series and features numerous homages, including an opening title sequence that has a classic Fallout-style computer generated pullout shot to reveal a wasteland in a post apocalyptic world. Check it out for yourself:

Head on over to http://www.fallouttheshort.com/ to view pics from the production, read about the cast and crew, and to share it with all your friends through Facebook, Twitter, and more!

Fallout: New Vegas Leaked Details Reveal Electricity, California

Detailed info on this Obsidian-developed extension to the Fallout universe, right after the jump!

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Fallout: New Vegas Announced, Under Development by Obsidian


This just in, Obsidian Entertainment will be developing an offshoot Fallout title named Fallout: New Vegas. Surprised? We all are. And there are more surprises after the jump.
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Prepare For The Future – Fallout 3 PR Campaign

Every now and then PR campaigns are fun and exciting. Bethesda Softworks is definitely doing both with its upcoming Fallout 3 title.

Here are some new videos that were just released today! What are your thoughts? Do these videos make you want to purchase the game or are they too vague?

Either way check out more at PrepareForTheFuture.com.

Jimmy and The Fatman


That’s Right Abe