Bethesda Wants Fallout MMO Trademark Back From Interplay

fallout_2Remember that Fallout MMO Interplay was developing? Turns out they were supposed to get cracking by April 4th this year. They didn’t, and now Bethesda wants the trademark back. How’s that for procrastination?

Here’s a lesson in managing game development: when you get a highly coveted trademark for a potentially awesome game, it’s a good idea to get working on it in under two years.

That’s what Interplay was supposed to do when they acquired the Fallout license to develop an MMO in the Fallout universe. They were supposed to be in full-blown development by April 4th, 2009 (they acquired the license on April 4th, 2007).

Interplay calls shenanigans. It “adamantly disputes these claims”, from what we know, whatever that means (we haven’t heard anything about the MMO for the record, so we can be sure it’s not in full-fledged development yet).

Are we heading for a lawsuit here?!

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