Eli Roth Planning Sci-Fi Monster Action Flick, and Another Slasher


Eli Roth, the dude that directed Hostel wants to work on a Cloverfield/Transformers-ish sci-fi action flick with a monster that’s insane. And then make another bloody slasher flick for breakfast.

Roth hasn’t worked on a big-budget flick yet, so I can see why he’s raring to go. He plans to make a huge action “mass destruction” movie like Transformers or Cloverfield, but more sci-fi in it.

There’s no names or details, but we do know that the mass-destruction-causing mofos in the flick will not be alins, virii, robots or anything, it will be more “grounded”. Whether that’s supposed to be some sort of a witty pun on giant mutant earthworms is up for debate.

He does add that when people hear about it, they’ll say ‘That is going to be insane!’. Interesting, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up as much. Roth is no JJ Abrams. Not yet, at least.

After that flick, he’ll be making another slasher flick, which he describes will be “the sickest, bloodiest, most violent slasher movie” and it’ll have the highest body count in any slasher movie yet.

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