Ridley Scott to direct new Blade Runner prequel/sequel/reboot?

Deadline.com is reporting that Ridley Scott is set to revisit the world of his most-revered sci-fi film: Blade Runner.

In past interviews, Scott has hinted at returning to the Blade Runner universe (based on Philip K. Dick’s novella “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”) to explore further aspects of that work’s most intriguing concepts. We think that the original film is nearly perfect and don’t want to see anyone (including Scott mess with it). But there is so much beneath the surface of Blade Runner that is entirely open ended and asking to be explored. To that, we say: Bring it on!

Eli Roth Planning Sci-Fi Monster Action Flick, and Another Slasher


Eli Roth, the dude that directed Hostel wants to work on a Cloverfield/Transformers-ish sci-fi action flick with a monster that’s insane. And then make another bloody slasher flick for breakfast.
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Return From Witch Mountain – DVD Review


Vacationing supernatural teens. Money-hungry baddies. A gaggle of scrappy kids. A terrorist threat on Los Angeles. Yep, it’s time for Return from Witch Mountain, Continue reading “Return From Witch Mountain – DVD Review”

Vikings + Aliens = Outlander

Viking Boat!

Now, I’ve always thought that the Vikings deserve to be treated better in Hollywood. We have Rome represented over and over again and 300 made Sparta immortal in Hollywood. But for the Vikings, we had to endure the desaturated headache that was Pathfinder. But all that can change in a major way when sci-fi viking epic of pure awesome, Outlander comes your way later this year.

In the classic galactic struggle between man and alien, the ship of a human from a faraway planet crashes into the Nordic coast. Our hero, Kainan thus finds himself in the company of Vikings, but he is not alone. His adversary, an alien creature, the Moorwen also emerges from the wreckage and since he’s the monster-baddy-thing, we have him wanting to destroy everything there is. And well, Kainan and the Vikings must stop him.

To be honest, the plot sounds like a video game to me. The concept would totally work, but since there’s a movie coming out, we have to dash all our expectations there. Still, the movie can be equally awesome, because 300 proved last year that a story high on visual effects and action can actually be excused for a shallow story.

Still, who the hell doesn’t want to see freaking Vikings fighting freaking aliens! It’s outstandingly awesome! And to prove it, check out the great trailer they just released. It’s intense and totally works up on the action element. It also doesn’t seem to have the musty old-age feel most period films tend to have. With the sci-fi element, it feels a lot more slick. Check out the trailer below and there’s a great gallery of photos here.