Fallout: New Vegas Leaked Details Reveal Electricity, California

Detailed info on this Obsidian-developed extension to the Fallout universe, right after the jump!

PC Mag managed to get a scoop from Obsidian Entertainment on their newest game in deep production – Fallout: New Vegas. If this is the first time you’re hearing of this, read this up. For the rest of you, let’s get this party started.

First off, the setting will be… Las Vegas. Bang, didn’t see that coming, did you? You will also be exploring the Mojave wastelands and there are towns named Fremont and Primm, but the real deal is Vegas, of course. Now something particularly interesting here is that Vegas didn’t have many nukes, and in turn, did not get nuked. It still has power, something that is reflected by the lit-up skyline seen in the teaser trailer:

That guy you see in the foreground beside the California flag? Not the protagonist. According to PC Mag, your protagonist will not be a vault dweller, but a courier left for dead in a shallow grave. A friendly robot named Victor digs you out and his doctor owner patches you up. Victor’s description fits the robot seen in the opening of the teaser trailer perfectly, as does the one hand sticking out of the earth – that’s you.

The Doctor, who was a Vault Dweller then gives you his Pipboy – this would make him the man seen in the screenshot above, with a Pipboy on the left wrist. No, I didn’t think he looked very much like a doctor either. But any way, during your time with the doctor, you will take a “vigour test”, something of an “electric parlour game”. This sets up your SPECIAL, and there are even some Rorschach tests for you to take, just for fun!

While the rest of the story is probably up to the player to find out, we do know that it will revolve around a three-way war between the New California Republic, Caesar’s Legion (a group of slave-traders from the east), and the residents of Vegas. The latter sound the most interesting to me. Throughout all the Fallout universe, theirs is the only city that happens to be fully lit up (thanks to the Hoover Dam), and they’re going to be fighting desperately for survival from both sides.

Tons of other miscellaneous details over at a forum post at NMA, so be sure to check it out if you’re really into it. You will be fighting your way into the Hoover Dam, and use it to direct power to anywhere you like (or whichever faction you like, more like).

Of special note however, is the Hardcore mode of the game, which is probably the Fallout answer to Metro 2033. In this mode, you will have to drink water to survive, ammo will have weight, healing won’t be instant, and more stuff like that. This really sounds like it’s inspired to take on Metro 2033, which reportedly differentiated itself from STALKER and Fallout by being much tougher on the “survival” aspect of the post-apocalyptic genre. Still, the two are clearly different in that Metro will be a strictly linear experience, and Fallout will be, as always, open-world.

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  1. No Hardcore mode, like most things in this game was inspired by the plethora of mods from fallout nexus, specificly the mod conpilation known as “Lone Wanders Edition”. Get your shit straight don't just write some shit off the top of your head just because it's a hot topic without knowing the background first.

    This is why internet journalism will never be taken seriously by non-technology centric groups.

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