Comcast unveils 150Mbps modem

It’s 25 times more powerful than anything else on the market today! The new modem should be arriving within the next couple of years. Considering that there are internet services that have the capability of dishing out 100Mbps connections, the world is ready for faster modems!

For more information on the announcement itself go here.


Microsoft Takes On Everyone and Anyone With Silverlight


Wow is all that I can say after watching the video explaining how Silverlight works. Basically it’s a video editing piece of software for the web, but it has redesigned the way that video editing used to work.

If you want to learn more about Silverlight check it the examples on its website. Then check out the video demo. Ultimately download the beta version that was just released today!

Sadly the program doesn’t work on Windows 2000 so I have to use XP to try out the beta. 🙁

Ok I know I should stop using Windows 2000. For all you Mac fans the software is out of the box compatible with OSX.