A farewell to arms, RIP Logitech MX1000

Three years ago, around the time I got my gaming quality computer, I bought a mouse. It was a wireless mouse, made by Logitech. The first laser mouse to exist in the world commercially, the MX1000. It served me well. Nice shape, long battery life, great design, good weight, and very few problems. However, as with all things, one must move on. My good old mouse has started to deteriorate. All of the labels are warn or missing completely, the feet are entirely gone, the charger barely works anymore, and the plastic layers are fading. So now I must bid farewell to my trusty rechargable Logitech mouse for another.

In a few days I will, if my eBay seller can get his Paypal up and running eventually, have a brand new(see factory refurbished) Logitech(go with what you know and the companies you trust) MX Revolution. Rest In Peace my trusty mouse, you have served me well.

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