Myspace Applications are here and StuffWeLike Jumps on IT!

I’ve never been a huge fan of Back when they first launched I didn’t understand the point of it. Social networking with all this random HTML code, I might as well be working on my own website! That’s at least how I got friends to visit StuffWeLike – want to talk to me, message me here.

My senior year of high school I joined the social networking crowd and I looking back it was silly for me not to have Myspace and Facebook accounts. In recent months, they have been made even more important to me because of their application capabilities. While we’ve had a Facebook application for months now, I’m proud to say we now have a Myspace application!

Both the Facebook and Myspace application feature our video player and all its goodness! Make sure to add it asap! 🙂

StuffWeLike Videos Go Shiny

It’s not everyday that you get to say something like that, but today is a special day! We’ve got a brand-new shiny player for you all to feast your eyes on! A larger version is available on the Videos page. One of the swanky new features that this player includes is a built-in chatroom.

Please let us know what you think!

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Kid Humor

Thanks to Youtube and other video sites, family videos can be shared across the world. While in many cases they are boring to the average viewer, some videos break out and are hilarious even if you don’t know the family. I’ve mixed together some of the funniest kid videos that I could find. If you know of any that I’ve excluded let me know!

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Bloopers Mashup – StuffWeLike Fall 07 Videos

As the new Spring semester for college creeps up on us, I became depressed. My free time will dwindle away, but the good thing is that I’ll be able to make more internet videos!

I mashed up Mr. Lifeless, Gazmo and Friends, and Two Males and a Killer Whale bloopers all into one video. This is all never before seen stuff so enjoy our stupidity!

Best of 2007 – February

Continuing with our Best of 2007 series, we take a look back at February. This month was the official start of the blog so from here on out we’ll have some fairly long lists of our top posts.

Best of 2007:
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The Divine PR Exposition
The Divine is a PC game that a group of friends and I were working on. At 1am we launched a PR campaign with tons of screenshots, a trailer, wallpapers and random other stuff. That was an exciting and fun day. All day long we rushed to complete everything as the countdown clock ran on the website. To bad we missed our own deadline by an hour.

The Divine Video Cast #10
This makes it onto the list because this video cast episode was the last time Spencer Beebe was a host. We’ll miss you Spencer!

Welcome to 7.0
StuffWeLike officially launches version 7.0 of the website. This version includes the blog, although back then it looked totally different!

Fantastic Four 2 – Better than the FF1?
At the time it seemed as if Fantastic Four 2 could really kick ass compared to the first one. With the death defying Silver Surfer the movie looked solid. To bad trailers lie.

The Pipeline Has Bad Music
When we first started The Pipeline we had it automatically load and blast some music. Apparently people don’t like coming onto a website where music automatically begins to play. Who da figure?

News in The Pipeline
The Pipeline was the reason why I jumped on and changed the focus on StuffWeLike in 3 days. It was a very drastic move, but I just feel in love with the capabilities of the player. One of the first things that I tried was posting text press releases in the player itself rather than the blog. I thought it was cool, but later I found out that no one cared. Yay for me.

Video Game Music Channel created
Still experimenting with the boundaries of The Pipeline, I created one of my favorite shows on it the Video Game Music Channel. Ever since I started StuffWeLike, I’ve always wanted to do a internet radio show. While I did have a brief experience in that realm with version 2 of the website, this was the first time that I had full control over every aspect. Thankfully no lawyers have come knocking at my door yet!

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