Journey music ROCKS

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There’s something about Journey that captures my ears and makes me rock all over my room. We whole heartedly welcome this fantastic band to The Pipeline.Don’t Stop Believin’ is probably one of my favorite songs of all time. The build up and then the rush is one of the best in any songs out there!


The Pipeline Accepts Sponsors

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Get ready for advertisements to start appearing in’s media player The Pipeline. However this does not mean we’re going to flood the player with ads! We hate “annoying” ads and understand that YOU hate them as well. We’re working with advertisers to create ads possible that don’t hinder your ability to use and enjoy videos on The Pipeline.

An affiliate program is also in the works so that you can make money off of these advertisements as well. Imagine being a blogger and embedding The Pipeline on your blog. All content will be automatically updated by StuffWeLike and you make a percent of the money that we make from the advertisements. It’s literally as simple as that.

Bottom line is don’t worry when you start seeing advertisements in the player. Support our sponsors and we’ll continue to support you by releasing great content via our blog and The Pipeline.

If you’d like to advertise in The Pipeline then email David Rodriguez davidrodriguez[AT]stuffwelike[DOT]com.

The Dorms Summer Edition

Funny enough, we never made The Dorms episode 2. After the successful first episode and the “want” to do more episodes, things caved in. Over the summer David Corwin and I went ahead and tried our hands making a spin-off to The Dorms called The Dorms Summer Edition. It failed. We never released it to the public because it was just so bad.

Having 3 people work from cameramen to actors to writers is not a good idea – especially when none of them are directly studying film. What a fiasco.

I’ve warned you ahead of time that the summer edition is a crappy spin-off, as all spin-offs are.


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Ever wanted to know what good videos we have on our media player? If you didn’t realize it, everyday the player is being updated with new content. We now invite you to rate our content with a thumbs up or a thumbs down!

Honestly if you hate our videos let us know and we’ll never make them again – or try to make them better.

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