Splashcast and StuffWeLike XOXO

You may not have ever heard of a little web 2.0 company called Splashcast, but they’ve had a great impact on StuffWeLike.com. After reading the official statement about Splashcast shutting down, I’d like to take this time to walk down memory lane Continue reading “Splashcast and StuffWeLike XOXO”

Splashcast HotSpot

No this isn’t a new T-Mobile technology, it’s Splashcast silly! Splashcast is a company with its eyes set on building an interactive widget based multimedia service. It has been a while since they’ve released a new feature, but today is literally marks a new slate for Splashcast.

Not only did they introduce a new feature, they’ve completely redesigned their intuitive console. The console is where users create Channels, Shows, and upload their items. The new console layout makes Splashcast even easier to use. It is by far one of the most simple control schemes for any media service out there!

Splashcast’s new feature, HotSpots allows users to add a box within their media that can pop up an image or SWF file. On top of that the file can be linked to a third-party URL.

Video producers will be able to provide a new way for users to interact with their video. Additionally, advertisers will definitely get a kick out of the possibility for mega-product placement. In this world were no one has a definite answer to making BIG BUCKS in the online video realm, it’ll be very interesting to see how this affects Splashcast.

Currently Splashcast does not have an advertiser network of any kind for its video producers. So will it have to be up to video producers to find the advertisers and try to get them to place ads in their videos? How would that model exactly benefit Splashcast?

I’m still messing around with this HotSpot technology. Currently pictures from Facebook are not being recognized. Hopefully Splashcast will be able to fix this bug soon!

StuffWeLike uses Splashcast for its social network widgets: Facebook and MySpace. Click here for our previous coverage of Splashcast. You can see HotSpot in action below:

Splashcast Goes Pro

We’ve been following the web 2.0 company Splashcast Media for exactly 1 year now. On February 25, 2007 we launched version 7.0 of StuffWeLike.com because of Splashcast. I rushed to quickly redesign the website and focus it on entertainment news and videos.

Over that time, we’ve worked very closely with Splashcast to help improve their offerings. Their original player looked like this:


The Pipeline 1.0

As you can see, there are many flaws with this design. Over time Splashcast improved many features, but it wasn’t until August 29, 2007 that it went 2.0.
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The Pipeline Accepts Sponsors

The Pipeline Sponsor

Get ready for advertisements to start appearing in StuffWeLike.com’s media player The Pipeline. However this does not mean we’re going to flood the player with ads! We hate “annoying” ads and understand that YOU hate them as well. We’re working with advertisers to create ads possible that don’t hinder your ability to use and enjoy videos on The Pipeline.

An affiliate program is also in the works so that you can make money off of these advertisements as well. Imagine being a blogger and embedding The Pipeline on your blog. All content will be automatically updated by StuffWeLike and you make a percent of the money that we make from the advertisements. It’s literally as simple as that.

Bottom line is don’t worry when you start seeing advertisements in the player. Support our sponsors and we’ll continue to support you by releasing great content via our blog and The Pipeline.

If you’d like to advertise in The Pipeline then email David Rodriguez davidrodriguez[AT]stuffwelike[DOT]com.