WonderCon 2012: Screen Gems & Sony

To end the day in the third floor ballroom was the panel for Screen Gems and Sony. For their showcase, the films that were being shown and discussed were Resident Evil: Retribution, Looper and The Amazing Spider-Man, moderated by Geoff Boucher of the LA Times Hero Complex blog. Continue reading “WonderCon 2012: Screen Gems & Sony”

Is this the new Wolverine poster?

Screenrant is reporting what may be the first sighting of the poster for the new Hugh Jackman Wolverine outing, set in Japan. Appears someone spotted this poster in the office of the film’s director James Mangold and immediately snapped a pic and posted in to Instagram. The Instagram image is no longer available, but this cleaned up version is now spreading like wildfire.

The film’s reported Wolverine in Japan adventure is based on a series of comics written by Chris Claremont and drawn by Frank Miller in 1982.

Bay to Turtles Fans: Chill

“Relax, we are including everything that made you become fans in the first place. We are just building a richer world.”

Director Michael Bay posted the following message to fans of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on his official fan page:

Fans need to take a breath, and chill. They have not read the script. Our team is working closely with one of the original creators of Ninja Turtles to help expand and give a more complex back story. Relax, we are including everything that made you become fans in the first place. We are just building a richer world.


The post came as a response to Internet fans’ reaction to Bay’s comments during the recent Nickelodeon Upfront, first reported here.

Michael Bay talks Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by stuffwelike


First image of CW’s new Green ‘Arrow’

Forget the character from Smallville. The CW is preparing a reboot of DC’s The Green Arrow and we’ve got the first image!

The “Arrow” pilot is currently in production, written by Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg and directed by David Nutter. The latter was the director of the pilot and first episodes of Smallville as well as many other genre fiction favorites like Supernatural and The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Deadline Hollywood quotes Nutter: “When I directed the pilot for Smallville, I knew that making Clark Kent relatable would be the key to audiences believing in him as a hero. Arrow is a different show — darker and harder-edged — but it’s the same core idea.”

We can’t wait. What do you think? Leave a comment below.