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After the Comic-Con revealation for why Batman will not appear on Smallville Warner Bros. goes out and does more stupid shit yet again. This time it actually makes sense with what the producers of Smallville said, new series/movies are being seen as spin-offs so they don’t have to directly relate to one another. In the comic book world there are tons of series with the same heroes, but with alternative interpretations.

JLA cartoon

Warner Bros. is appears to be proceeding with the JLA movie (Justice League of America), but it will not feature Brandon Routh and Christian Bale. So apparently Warner Bros really wants Smallville to be destroyed because JLA will feature both Superman, Batman, and many other DC characters teaming up together. Maybe they didn’t want Superman and Batman teaming up in Smallville so their first live-action scene together could be on the big screen. Money makes the world go round and fans will definitely pay to see this.

No Batman On Smallville


I attended Comic-Con last week and went to tons of conferences. One of the conferences that I attended was Smallville, the show about a teenage Superman that should have ended three seasons ago. Now the Comic-Con panel included the series executive producers Miles Millar and Alfred Gough as well as several of the series’ actors.

Back when Smallville was first created, there was a lot going for it. Overall the twist of watching Clark Kent being raised on a farm was a lot of fun, but as the series progressed it lost its train of thought. Beginning in season 4 and definitely in season 5 the plotline consisted of getting Clark with as many super-kyrptonite girls as possible – if you know what I mean.

Hey, WB/CW is just targeting its audience. It was during this time period that Smallville truly started to alter the Superman legacy. Even to date Clark still has yet to consciously fly, his father didn’t die before Clark graduated from high school, etc, etc, etc.

So with all these changes it has angered some Superman fans. Both Millar and Gough answered the fans issues with the series by simply stating that they see the Smallville series as a spin-off, nothing more than another comic book interpretation. That one statement made me feel much better about this show. It was like an epiphany, now I finally understood where these writers are coming from.

As viewers know, one of the best parts about Smallville is that it has been the place to see a good amount of other DC super heroes such as Aquaman and Green Arrow. For the longest time Bruce Wayne who’s alter-ego Batman was rumored to appear on the show. Millar and Gough said that they both wanted Bruce to appear, but due to the Batman franchise revamping with Batman Begins, Warner Bros. would not allow them to have any episodes featuring the Dark Knight after the movie was released. So ultimately Batman did not and will not ever appear on the show.

Now this is why I hate Warner Bros.: if Smallville is a spin-off of Superman and any DC super-hero can be pulled in and out of this show as need be – why the hell can’t Batman be shown?! If the reason is because the show and movie wouldn’t tie in properly, all that I have to say is WTF are Smallville and Superman Returns doing on the air together?! I thought Superman Returns was the jump-start to Superman franchise again!

Seriously Warner Bros. get your head out of your ass and wake up! Stop running around in circles pissing off your fans.

This is why I’m a Marvel fanboy. Cross-overs are a good thing, that will bring in larger audiences. Embrace them.

If using DC properties correctly was Warner Bros. only issue, I wouldn’t care, but when they can’t even get their oldest franchise Looney Tunes to amass to any success, I come to the conclusion that Warner Bros. is the devil.

Xbox 360 Comic-Con Coverage

Xbox 360 300

Microsoft will be covering Comic-Con 07 via Xbox Live!

From July 26 to August 7, Xbox LIVE and Xbox.com/comiccon will feature full access to all of Warner’s Comic-Con featured game trailers, show panels, movie and TV trailers and sneak peeks, celebrity interviews, show exclusives and customization themes for Xbox LIVE. Plus, action film and comic book fans will have access to an array of exclusive themes from 300 and DC Comics available for download.

Additionally, 300 fans who are attending Comic-con this year are in for two special treats.  Warner Bros. will be hosting a special screening of the movie at Petco field for 6,000 conference attendees, all of whom will be entered to win one of ten custom limited edition 300-themed Xbox 360 Elite consoles.

Xbox 360 300 side2

ReBoot The Movie


Finally the first CGI TV show ever ReBoot is getting the respect that it deserves! Rainmaker Animation who bought the original creators MainFrame Entertainment in 2006, are going to be making a trilogy of feature-length films based on the ReBoot series.

Aired in 1994, ReBoot is about life from within the computer. Everything from RAM to harddrives are represented as characters. What made this series so great was the shear amount of comedy in it. While being a children’s program shown on ABC, YTV, and later Cartoon Network, ReBoot had parodies throughout its lifetime including the X-Files and Evil Dead. The series followed three characters, Bob, Dot, and Enzo the defenders of the central computer. Most episodes consisted of them playing against the user in computer games or fighting the virus Megabyte or Hexadecimal.

“The idea is to relaunch the brand in a new way,” said Rainmaker Animation executive vice president Paul Gertz, who will oversee the project.

The story for these films will be decided upon by fans starting July 26, the opening date for Comic-Con 07! Rainmaker has partnered up with Zeros 2 Heroes, a new social networking site for comic book fans, to reveal five different story possibilities. It will be up to fans to choose what pitch they want to see turned into the ReBoot films. A internet based comic will be published this year also based upon the selected pitched idea.

We bet that a lot of you have never seen this series so we’ve gathered a bunch of video clips for your enjoyment!

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No Fox at San Diego Comic-Con 07

Aliens vs. Predator

In a surprising twist of events Fox has decided to pull-out of its scheduled presentation at Comic-Con 07 in San Diego on July 26-29. Fox previously stated that Aliens vs. Predator 2, Jumper, Babylon A.D., and Hitman were all going to be shown off.

Comic-Con is a huge event every year where geeks share their love of comics, anime, video games, and of course movies. With a predication of over 123,000 attendees this year Comic-Con has become the place for studios to showcase their upcoming science fiction offerings.

The studio’s vice president of national publicity, Sean Dudas, said on Wednesday that, “The material wasn’t ready and we only want to go out when we can put our best foot forward.”

Stay tuned to StuffWeLike.com for more Comic-Con 07 news as it breaks.

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