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Finally the first CGI TV show ever ReBoot is getting the respect that it deserves! Rainmaker Animation who bought the original creators MainFrame Entertainment in 2006, are going to be making a trilogy of feature-length films based on the ReBoot series.

Aired in 1994, ReBoot is about life from within the computer. Everything from RAM to harddrives are represented as characters. What made this series so great was the shear amount of comedy in it. While being a children’s program shown on ABC, YTV, and later Cartoon Network, ReBoot had parodies throughout its lifetime including the X-Files and Evil Dead. The series followed three characters, Bob, Dot, and Enzo the defenders of the central computer. Most episodes consisted of them playing against the user in computer games or fighting the virus Megabyte or Hexadecimal.

“The idea is to relaunch the brand in a new way,” said Rainmaker Animation executive vice president Paul Gertz, who will oversee the project.

The story for these films will be decided upon by fans starting July 26, the opening date for Comic-Con 07! Rainmaker has partnered up with Zeros 2 Heroes, a new social networking site for comic book fans, to reveal five different story possibilities. It will be up to fans to choose what pitch they want to see turned into the ReBoot films. A internet based comic will be published this year also based upon the selected pitched idea.

We bet that a lot of you have never seen this series so we’ve gathered a bunch of video clips for your enjoyment!

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12 thoughts on “ReBoot The Movie”

  1. When ReBoot came back around and the kid was grown up with an eyepatch and was a total bad ass and it hard more action, I really enjoyed that. Miss you ReBoot!

  2. Yeah I was shocked when that all happened. I saw the early seasons but then when it switched to Cartoon Network I didn’t see it until last season so I was very confused.

    I love MainFrame’s shows – Beast Wars and Shadow Raiders!

  3. Holy Hell, this is awesome. I LOVED ReBoot!

    I disagree with Brandon, though. The third season where Enzo was a big guy was nowhere near as cool as the first two. Bob > Enzo any day.

  4. I like the whole idea the show came up with. I mean according to reboot we (the users) are the bad guys and every time we win a game we destroy part of there civilization. But then there is the part where we can save there civilization from total destruction as if it were no problem. To make things better it makes it seemes as if this world full of A.I. is invisable to us (the user)

  5. i found the last movie was a perfect ending to the series, because every episode ended with a cliffhanger, to end the series without one would have made no sense to me personally.

    Grown up enzo was way cooler, but the point is, if enzo was a kid then so would adraia and i would have been bored of the show much faster

  6. reboot was the best show put on tv, and that needs to come back. Kids now an days don’t know what they are missing. I loved it all, BOB was my dude.

  7. I never could watch all the episodes since Enzo grows up, i thing i miss’d the last season D: anyway at last episode of the previous season i remember the little enzo come back, Bob too and its even more confusing but really awesome

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