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I attended Comic-Con last week and went to tons of conferences. One of the conferences that I attended was Smallville, the show about a teenage Superman that should have ended three seasons ago. Now the Comic-Con panel included the series executive producers Miles Millar and Alfred Gough as well as several of the series’ actors.

Back when Smallville was first created, there was a lot going for it. Overall the twist of watching Clark Kent being raised on a farm was a lot of fun, but as the series progressed it lost its train of thought. Beginning in season 4 and definitely in season 5 the plotline consisted of getting Clark with as many super-kyrptonite girls as possible – if you know what I mean.

Hey, WB/CW is just targeting its audience. It was during this time period that Smallville truly started to alter the Superman legacy. Even to date Clark still has yet to consciously fly, his father didn’t die before Clark graduated from high school, etc, etc, etc.

So with all these changes it has angered some Superman fans. Both Millar and Gough answered the fans issues with the series by simply stating that they see the Smallville series as a spin-off, nothing more than another comic book interpretation. That one statement made me feel much better about this show. It was like an epiphany, now I finally understood where these writers are coming from.

As viewers know, one of the best parts about Smallville is that it has been the place to see a good amount of other DC super heroes such as Aquaman and Green Arrow. For the longest time Bruce Wayne who’s alter-ego Batman was rumored to appear on the show. Millar and Gough said that they both wanted Bruce to appear, but due to the Batman franchise revamping with Batman Begins, Warner Bros. would not allow them to have any episodes featuring the Dark Knight after the movie was released. So ultimately Batman did not and will not ever appear on the show.

Now this is why I hate Warner Bros.: if Smallville is a spin-off of Superman and any DC super-hero can be pulled in and out of this show as need be – why the hell can’t Batman be shown?! If the reason is because the show and movie wouldn’t tie in properly, all that I have to say is WTF are Smallville and Superman Returns doing on the air together?! I thought Superman Returns was the jump-start to Superman franchise again!

Seriously Warner Bros. get your head out of your ass and wake up! Stop running around in circles pissing off your fans.

This is why I’m a Marvel fanboy. Cross-overs are a good thing, that will bring in larger audiences. Embrace them.

If using DC properties correctly was Warner Bros. only issue, I wouldn’t care, but when they can’t even get their oldest franchise Looney Tunes to amass to any success, I come to the conclusion that Warner Bros. is the devil.

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  1. “Cross-overs are a good thing, that will bring in larger audiences. Embrace them.” Amen brother!

  2. Yeah i agree, Bruce Wayne should appear on Smallville.
    A really good way to do it would be to make him stop off in smallville on his way back to Gotham, after hes finnished traveling the world learning ways to fight crime. I think it would fit in well with the themes, as we would have a Superman who isn’t quite superman yet and Batman who isn’t quite Batman yet.

  3. I can understand some of DCs fear of putting Batman into it. They feel that it may cheapin Batman Begins/Dark Knight some. Typicaly… these groups underestimate the intellegence of the American movie goer. Not a single person was confused about Superman Returns vs Smallville. Most likely, you would have a totaly different viewer. I feel that Smallville is more of your Buffy/Charmed type viewer (Loved Buffy… hated Charmed BTW). Superman returns is more of your X-men/Batman Fan Boy viewer. If Tim Burtons Batman has proven anything… Superman is no longer the number one DC hero. Batman is! Why not capitalize on him. I am not saying that Bruce should take over Smallville… but once and a while… like Flash… he should pop in to say hi. Maybe down the road… GOTHAM the series! I would totaly dig that!

  4. Hey, i gotta say. I love the Dark Knight just as much as any person who say they love comic books.

    I mean, marvel has spider-man and x-men and that kiddies kinda comics, thats great. Not for me though.

    DC is more adult, the joker, he might be funny, but if i saw a crazy joker dude with white skin and a knife in one hand and a bazooka in the other, shooting at apartments and taking pleasure in killing, i mean actually enjoying it so much he’s sent to the psyche ward every single time and not in jail.
    i’d be a lil more frightened then to see some dude flying on a green glider.

    or a guy like lex luthor, coorporate buisness giant who does not get his own hands dirty, but get guys like the joker to do it for him. Then he gets someone else to clean up the mess they made, and he’s off the hook.

    if you’re going to compare Marvel and DC, you’re going to have to dig a lil deeper into the comic book world.

    Marvel is the same plot over and over, DC actually brings something new to the table.

    In marvel;
    boy is geek, boy gets bit my spider, spider is radioactive, boy turns man, man turns spider, spiderman

    evolution, mishaps, and radioactive.
    thats marvels recipie for heroes. I mean, evolution is fine, but i found out that the dude saving me got bit by a radioactive spider, i’d be more concerned by whether or not he’s poisinous or radioactive, is he gonna bite me? or am i gonna get radioactive infected?

    the punisher, is the only comic book in marvel that i actually enjoyed.

    the hulk, mishap.
    iron man, evolution
    x-men evolution
    fantastic 4 mishap
    spiderman radioactive
    green goblin, mishap

    Batman, loss of parents and a compelling not to let that happen to others.
    Green arrow, same thing, ill give ya that one.

    Green arrow is the same as batman, they were both thrown out there basicly same time, batman picked up, green arrow didn’t. don’t ask me why, i simply like the idea that a guy that dresses up to scare people and being a humanly detective, no super powers of any sorts or mishaps freaks by nature, batman could be anyone.

    superman, alien from another planet, getting his powers from the yellow sun, i mean. I don’t have a hard time believing that.

    the joker, hitman, and got dropped in a pool of acid, i mean. People do tend to change after theyve been in life threatning situations, esspecially if they’re face turns white and get a big smile on they’re face.

    lex luthor, worried about his company resorts to any means necessary to defend it, i know people wouldnt exactly like the idea of aliens in our world.
    i mean, it wasnt to long ago we wanted to kill black people. People arent that open minded. ESSPECIALLY in some places in AMERICA.

    whereas you are actually educated.

    now to smallville,
    if you’re going to ram down a show that has been inaccurate since its pilot. You’re sounding a bit like a kid who ate a whole chocolate cake and now you want cheesecake instead.

    first of all, kryptonite, IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE RARE!! That anoyed the shit out of me, and its not supposed to effect humans at all.

    there was no meteor shower.
    jonathan kent, in the old movies he did die, probably why he was let go here.
    but he was supposed to die right before clark turned superman (which was after college)

    lex luthor has probably never been to smallville, and why would ge?
    lionel is a fictional smallville character, same as chloe.
    flash wasnt the first to think of starting a league, and he wasnt even a thief.

    lois lane and clark met when clark started working in the daily planet.

    lana and clark had a high school sweet heart relationship, not a drama one.

    and clark learned to fly when he was 18!

    these are just some of the differences i could think of in five minutes,
    i like smallville. Not because its comic book correct, but because its a fresh idea. I’m waitinf for them to evolve from clark being clark, to clark being superman, the reason why i love superman is because he’s not like us.
    clark is his disguise, he really is kal-el (superman) batman is bruce wayne, and disguise himself as batman, superman is superman, disguised as clark kent.

    thats genius. i gotta say, smallville sort of takes that away, but its okay, aslong he becomes superman in atleast the last episode.

  5. I like Smallville a lot! I would love to see Bruce Wayne. That is all I am saying. There is no question that this is a re-imagined Superman Story. I agree with you that I want to see him put on the Superman Suit at some point (logicly the last episode), but Frankly I don’t see how it is possible to be Superman and keep the Clark Kent identity the way that the show is going. SOOOO many people have seen Clark… know who Clark is and would recognize him as Clark if the see Superman. Lois being the main one… and every one that he played football with in high school and college. I am interested in how they plan on putting this together.

    I just finished watching season 7. Great ending. But it does bring up the final show down with Clark and Lex. Now Lex knows the secret! Not looking for spoilers here… just saying…

    I liked Pete Ross coming back for an episode. I wish that they kept him in as Plastic Man. Oh well.

    Who are the Super heros that we have seen so far in Smallville…

    Green Arrow
    Super Girl (twice by the way)

    but no Batman!

    Come on WB… we want Batman. I personaly would love to see a Batman series following Smallville as a spin off. But lets bring Batman more into it. Yes I know that the way Smallville keeps its charm is with Clark… So make the Charm Bruce! You want colege (over) drama… make him that age range… have MANY women in his life (including Cat Woman). Down the road… Robin, Nightwing, and on and on. Clark can even put in a camio here and there. Maybe even Superman. LOL.

  6. the movies should not be effecting this show in the least, Batman and Superman cross over all the time! why not do it here, it would be so cool to see a teen Bruce Wayne in like his old ninja outfit or something

  7. You know somehow i honestly doubt that the dark and edgy atmosphere of Batman’s character would fit well in the dull and happy Smallville.And I think that the writers would screw the Dark Knight’s theme up.But just like a fan man I’d like to see a crossover as much as any of you guys.

  8. I think the only problem they have with Batman and crossing him over into the Smallville/Superman plot is that they have no writers who could find enough of a loophole to get him into Metropolis the least.

  9. I think batman should appear in smallville. He is a memeber of the justice league and be identified as one of the first member at a young age. It would be great since Oliver Queen will meet another boy millioner who is a member of the group.

  10. Getting Bruce into smallville should be easy enough. Now I have not seen Season 8 yet… but I understand that Lex is no longer in the series. Or at least is gone for a while. Does this not leave his buisness wide open? Perhaps another company could take an interest in the buisness. Say… Wayne enterprises?

    Writting is just a matter of getting creative. Batman has always been the out cast of the Justice league… but yes… still a member. The fans of Batman now FAR out number Superman. A few episodes would be good for the buisness. Not saying that Smallville is doing bad. If they end ater his next season… it is still a nine year run. That is incredible for a show. But perhaps a 10 or 11 year run… or another series all together spun off of it.

  11. WE NEED BATMAN! Come on you can’t have justice league without Batman. People always get Superman in Batman shows(which he should be harder to get based on reputation). This is why Batman isn’t as great as superman to most people, (or not as known to certain people) because the people of Batman’s copy right think they are too good to allow there hero as an occasional supporting character. Now I don’t even care if just Bruce Wayne appears. I also would like joker, right now I would be fine with just Red Hood(joker before he is the joker).

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