Game-to-movie of the day: Painkiller


The film industry conducted a raid on the gaming industry recently, taking with them Painkiller, the acclaimed shooter for PC and Xbox. The “old-skool” sort of game will now be turned into a movie by Guy Walks Into a Bar, the guys behind Starship Dave, starring Eddie Murphy which will be released next year.

Jon Berg and Todd Komarnicki, big guys at Guy Walks Into a Bar will be handling production, along with Matthew Weinberg. No director announced and pretty much no other details divulged as of yet. Berg decided he wanted a movie on the game when he watched a “60 minute” segment on competitive gaming. Uwe Boll refused to comment.

The rights were eventually sold because, according to the DreamCatcher VP, Guy Walks Into a Bar were going “to blend the fast-paced action, the wide array of weaponry and cast of demonic characters in the feature adaptation.” Gee, I was hoping for a nice date movie to cuddle into. Thanks for telling us, genius.

[Via Variety]

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