ReBoot Failure

ReBoot 5 stories to vote on

As I reported earlier, ReBoot is coming back with a vengeance – a trilogy of feature-length films! Zeros2Heroes has all 5 potential stories on their site waiting for users to review them and choose the best one. The highest rated story will go on to become the story to the films.

As a huge ReBoot fan I have to report back saying that they all suck. Many of them take what ReBoot was and shove it out the window, destroying what MainFrame beautifully created in the early 90’s. None of these stories understand what made ReBoot so much fun for its viewers. It was the comedy, the silliness of the characters and the whole story itself. The idea of the hardware and software of a computer being alive and what kind of world this would create, amazed both children and geeks alike!

A lot of these new stories are dark and have twisted the computer world called Mainframe. The two most popular stories ReBoot: Arrival and ReBoot: 2.0 roughly continue from where the TV show ended, which is nice for fans but why aim for only fans. If ReBoot is coming back let it shine and expand its small audience into something great gives the franchise a base to continue to create more products than these most likely straight to DVD movies.

You can voice your own opinion on these stories on Zeros2Heroes website or you can avoid this “contest” all together and voice your opinion by not participating in this sad excuse of a rebirth.

Where are these guys?

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3 thoughts on “ReBoot Failure”

  1. give it a chance. the great thing about reboot, was the fact that it got darker, more complex, and grew up with its fans. that was what made it special. now the fans are all adults, so the story should be more adult now for the new films. im glad theyre taking it a step further. I want to see the characters I grew up with evolve and grow too, then it becomes not just a story, but a legacy. there is a way they can cater for both original fans and new ones alike! trust me, open your minds, dudes! all things grow and change!

  2. I really hated the previous movies because they were so dark. I liked the comedic aspect of Reboot. This is supposed to be every geek’s dream of their computer being alive right? When it takes itself so seriously the magic of the show is lost. Samething that happened with the latest TMNT film.

  3. God, you’re such a retro-obsessed whore, as sabian would put it “open your mind”. Reboot’s Season1 comedy was beyond lame. I didn’t get into the series until it got dark, serious, with an actual plot line in Season 3 and beyond.

    If you’re looking for 90’s kids comedy go rewatch Season 1 repeatedly while the rest of us enjoy something worth watching, with growing characters, development, and a plot that actually has depth.

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