Grand Theft Auto IV, BlackSite: Area 51, and Lair Keel Over


Two EPIC games have been delayed: BlackSite: Area 51 and Grand Theft Auto IV. It makes me ill to my stomach to think that the industry had to delay such gems to make them better. What happened to outsourcing?!

Get some slave labor working on the game and we industrialized nations wouldn’t have to deal with such baloney. I mean seriously I don’t think I can wait till November 25, 2007 to play BlackSite: Area 51 or the second fiscal quarter of 2008 to play GTAIV! Gosh people, I don’t care about “setting a new standard for next-generation games!” I simply want to play these games. That’s all folks.

Is that so hard to ask?

Don’t even mention how Lair was delayed yesterday to September 4, 2007. Man the game industry is lazy.


GamerTagRadio is reporting that Medal of Honor: Airbone is another game being added to the delayed list. It’ll be released on September 4, 2007. I knew a tester on this game and he said it was extremely bad. So I won’t bother making fun of MOH.

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2 thoughts on “Grand Theft Auto IV, BlackSite: Area 51, and Lair Keel Over”

  1. I’ve heard that the only reason GTAIV is being delayed for 360 is because Take Two is having a hard time getting it to work with the PS3, and apparently a contract was signed stating that the game had to be released for both systems simultaneously! SAD FACE

  2. Wow that blows. Hopefully they’ll still work on the 360 version in that time and improve it some more. Definitely the power of these next-gen consoles can back fire onto developers and this is a prime example.

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