Justice League of America: The Movie – Casting Details

After the Comic-Con revealation for why Batman will not appear on Smallville Warner Bros. goes out and does more stupid shit yet again. This time it actually makes sense with what the producers of Smallville said, new series/movies are being seen as spin-offs so they don’t have to directly relate to one another. In the comic book world there are tons of series with the same heroes, but with alternative interpretations.

JLA cartoon

Warner Bros. is appears to be proceeding with the JLA movie (Justice League of America), but it will not feature Brandon Routh and Christian Bale. So apparently Warner Bros really wants Smallville to be destroyed because JLA will feature both Superman, Batman, and many other DC characters teaming up together. Maybe they didn’t want Superman and Batman teaming up in Smallville so their first live-action scene together could be on the big screen. Money makes the world go round and fans will definitely pay to see this.

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