[Update 3/27/14: Watch the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trailer.]

If you aren’t aware the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are coming back to the big screen December 25, 2013 brought to you by team Bay. Michael Bay. One can only begin to imagine how action packed this is going to be. The film itself will be live-action. I enjoyed the TMNT flick but man did I wish that I was watching a live-action flick instead. Looks like I’ll be getting my wish. Yay for me.

The following video is Michael Bay talking at the 2012 Nickeloden Upfront on March 14, 2012 at the Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York.

The evening also featured an exclusive look at a previsualization (3D storyboard) of Paramount Pictures’ highly anticipated live-action Ninja Turtles feature, presented by producer Michael Bay.

Also a new TMNT animated TV series is hitting Nickeloden in the Fall of this year.

Update 3/19/12: Michael Bay has responded to fans.

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    Davide Danko Munna

    Alien Turtles? Bulls**t.


    Peter Shaw

    I am willing to pay for the rifle that shoots the bullet into this twats head, we need saving from Michael Bay!!!


    Dan K


    i hate to break the news to you dan but those bs online petitions never work 




    I just wrote about it on my blog. I used the video uploaded to dailymotion, but its credited. If I need to add anything else for use of the clip, please let me know!



     so true… :(



    You know, I use to like Michael Bay.  Great movies like, The Rock and Armageddon.  He even had decent ones in Pearl Harbor and Bad Boys.  But ever since he worked on the Transformers films he has gone down hill.  He cares nothing for the source material of his movies.  This proves it.  May all are hatred of what he plans to do cause him to rethink his plans; either that or maybe the world really will end Dec 21, 2012 before the film comes out.  This will ruin a fantastic storyline for a whole generation of kids



    Maybe Michael Bay can do an updated live action version of He-Man. He can have He-Man be a Louisiana gator hunter as a secret identity and turn into Vin Diesel with a wig that looks like  a blonde version of Jim Carreys hair in Dumb and Dumber.  His love interest could be Man-At-Arms because we ALL know that He-Man did NOT go for the ladies. And hey, since the story line is going to suck like a Bay script does, go ahead and throw in a lot of choregraphed crap sword fighting scenes.



    This guys can’t get a story right, I’m sure the 2billion will make his investors happy, but what they don’t see is the other 8 billion the’ll miss out because the fans hated him for changing the story so terribly. But whose counting anyways… Maybe Fantasy and Sci Fi stories should be left to real directors like Peter Jackson, at least he can get the stories right…



    Read the name Mr. Bay  Teenage ” MUTANT” Ninja Turtles…please when you make a classic you stick to the original story line and build off that…


    Steve Skojec

    The Onion had this dead to rights three years ago. They just mixed up the franchise in question.



    Christopher Tatman

    you change the name and style we boycot we need a true reboot that take into effect the origanl and not go off on a tangent in story line


    Mitch Cowan

    Does Michael Bay know that mutant and alien are two different things. Its not called Teenage Alien Ninja Turtles for a reason you stupid twat



    ……………why does the guy posting the news sound excited for this. does he not realize that anyone that is accepting of this change will die by our hands


    Martin Benjamin Hughes

    Please give this man his medicin, he must be gone made! 

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