Kill Bill Volumes 3 & 4. Maybe?


Word on the street is that E. Bennet Walsh, an executive producer of Kill Bill, could be spilling the beans on upcoming sequels. He says Quentin Tarantino has plots worked up for two new films following the Beatrix legacy, and that he may travel to China to shoot the sequels. From FilmIck

Part 3 would revolve around the revenge of two members of the Crazy 88s. Part 4 would focus on the daughters of Beatrix Kiddo and Vernita Green getting square, as was previously rumoured. Some even claim that the (previously unrevealed) daughters of Elle Driver and Gogo Yubari would also feature.

And from Xinhua:

When asked which Chinese director he wants to cooperate with, Walsh said he would most like to work with Jiang Wen, director of Xun Qiang, or “Missing Gun”.

“I also want to collaborate with younger directors. I believe there are many outstanding young directors in China who have not been brought into the light,” Walsh said.

While I would love to see some more of Beatrix whoopin’ up on the Crazy 88’s, it’s unlikely that we’ll see either of these coming down the pipes in the very near future. The Big T. (as nobody calls him) is a very busy man, and unless he wants to entrust The Bride to members of his schlock champ camp (Eli Roth, perhaps?), these could be back-burnered for a while.

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Nick Fury is Sam Jackson is Nick Fury


Aint It Cool News is telling me that Samuel L. Jackson is shooting today on the upcoming independant Marvel film, Iron Man, as… wait for it… Colonel Nick Fury!

There are two reason I find this news particularly interesting. First, and least significantly, is that Nick Fury originally is a white dude. It looks like they’ve chosen to represent the more recently conceived “Ultimate Nick Fury”, a character from a new Marvel alternate-universe sort of dealy that is obviously very much based on Sam Jackson. Secondly, Nick Fury’s name is being tossed around in conjunction with other Marvel film rumors rolling around. An Avengers movie is supposedly in the works, and there’s even been talk of Nick Fury having a film all to himself. Is Sam Jackson’s appearance in this role indicative of future casting decisions, or will they just change actors on us mid-stream? Guess we’ll see!

Scarecrow’s back in Batman?


Rumor has it that Cillian Murphy is returning as the mind-bending Scarecrow in the upcoming Batman sequel, Dark Knight, despite his suggestions to the contrary. According to Super Hero Hype, one of their scoopers has spotted Murphy on set and in character as Dr. Jonathan Crane on the Chicago set of Dark Knight and filming a rooftop action scene.

“The scenes were gunfire and gang members running for cover,” SHH’s spy report begins. “Around 2:30-3ish they returned to the set and started filming 2 gangs fighting with each other. Then I spotted Cillian and they filmed him yelling at the gang. The sound of gunfire blasted and everyone ran for cover. They repeated this over and over again…So after a few takes of that… they moved to the side of the van. I saw a Batman… It had to be a stunt double. And him and Scarecrow had a struggle and ended with the crow gassing Batman. Batman fell to the ground holding his face screaming.

They were still doing takes of that when I left…about 4am.”

Likely this appearance will be little more than a cameo, but who knows? I hope that’s all it is. While I wouldn’t mind seeing the good ol’ Scarecrow one more time, it’s been proven time and time again that too many villains can (and will) ruin a superhero flick. We’ve already got the Joker, and, I suspect, at least an appearance from Two-Face. Let’s hope we don’t have 3 of my favorite villains in Comicdom ever ruined as they jostle for screen time in a drawn out shitstorm of a movie (I’m looking at you Batman & Robin, Spiderman 3!).

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Ok What the Hell Bob Barker?


Well we all know that Bob Barker left the famous show “The Price is Right”, but did you know who’s going to replace him? Well if it were up to him it would be Rosie O’ Donnell. There’s not much more to say about this particular choice because just what the hell? Let me know your thoughts though because I’m still baffled.

There are actually a lot of other people who are also up for hosting the show like: John O’Hurley, Mark Steines, Todd Newton and George Hamilton, but still Rosie is just blowing my mind.

But who knows maybe some of you would like to see that, would you?

Paris In Jail: Thank You!

So as we all know this website is not just about video games it is expanding to much much more then just that. As we also know this website is not about breaking news so as much as this is very recent news this is not breaking news. This is however a review site where people will be able to read and share their opinions.

I for one could not be happier with this whole Paris in jail issue, it’s about time. She is serving the rest of her 45 day sentence for violating probation and I for one am relieved.

Thank you Paris for a wonderful day of yelling at the television and a reality check that celebrities ( who really shouldn’t be) are people to.

Now that that’s over, lets put it to rest.


Thank you Paris, it was a good day.

Speeding Wheelchair

Imagine that you’re in a wheelchair and somehow you get pushed by a semitruck going as fast as 50mph! Well imagine no more, it happened. Thankfully the guy in the wheelchair, Ben Carpenter, survived without any harm!

Ben Carpenter

No this wasn’t a jackass stunt. The poor guy wasn’t able to finish crossing the road before the light turned green. Viewers of the incident called 911 and said that the truck driver didn’t see Ben.

Ben’s a celebrity in my book!