Sponsored Video: Burger King’s Subservient Chicken

Subservient Chicken 2014

In 2004 Burger King hired The Subservient Chicken to promote TenderCrisp and a way for people to get chicken the way they liked it. Literally, if they wanted a moonwalking chicken, they got it. If they wanted something a little bit more spicy like a booty shaking chicken, they got it too. It was all thanks to Subservient Chicken and his willingness to do anything that we asked. The Internet has completely changed since that time though and Subservient Chicken seemingly disappeared. Ten years later, Subservient Chicken is back like never before!

Yeah the last couple of years weren’t so nice to Subservient Chicken, but damn is he ripped! He got off his ass and stopped wasting time at children’s birthday parties and pointless underground cock fights. Now he is launching the brand new Chicken Big King Sandwich at Burger King his way. He is no longer taking orders from us and I say God bless him! Let him break the chains and be free.

All that I hope for is that ex-Subservient Chicken does not let this new found identity go to his head. Clearly from the video, it might be already happening. I do not want to find out in a couple years that he has gone down the path of the dark side and started abusing drugs and alcohol. I would be emotionally devastated. We do not need another chicken appearing in the tabloids. Lets pray that maybe one day he will be lucky enough to find a purpose that will lead him true happiness where ever it may be.

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Sponsored Video: Heineken Wants You to Become Legendary

Look we live in a world where being great at multiple things is pretty damn difficult! But in order to be legendary, you only have to be good at one thing. [Sweet!]

That is why Heineken hired literally 20 different non-actors to play the same role in The Odyssey.

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Sponsored Video: Domino’s Pizza

Domino's Pizza Logo

Sports and pizza. Two things that go great together like peanut butter and jelly, chips and salsa, or me and a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. It is these pairings – especially sports and pizza – that help bring people together no matter their differing views of which team or player is the best. Sports and pizza can make any rivalry much easier to deal with no matter how much passion each fan brings to the table.

And who doesn’t like a little healthy competition? When it comes to cheering on your favorite sports team, it’s always more fun to share that spirit of excitement and camaraderie with a group of friends. And hey, throwing a pizza or two into the mix can make things even better!

Domino’s Pizza has teamed up with the web series, The Support Group, to bring you a hilarious look at sports competition in the workplace. And while the series focuses on European football (soccer to the rest of us), we can all relate to these guys as they tease and taunt one another as their teams win and lose.

Along with the witty sports banter, The Support Group also incorporates plenty of witty, and dry humor that you’d expect from an English-based series. And there’s plenty of laugh out loud moments throughout this first episode of the series. If you like shows on BBC or BBC America, this is definitely a web series for you!

So grab a Domino’s pizza, your favorite team’s sports jersey, and get ready to laugh with The Support Group each week!

Check out the first episode below!

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