Favreau talks “Iron Man”, I get excited


Director John Favreau (via his Myspace) apologizes to us fans for not having an Iron Man teaser trailer nestled in before Transformers, but he promises to “reveal something very cool very soon”. With Iron Man sharing an hour block with Marvel and their other upcoming film, Hulk, later this month at San Diego ComicCon, it seems something very cool will be revealed very soon, indeed.

“We’ve secured a prime slot Saturday afternoon [July 28] in the big room at SDCC. We will split an hour with Marvel and Hulk and plan to cut something together to reward the fans for their interest, support and patience. In addition to our Saturday afternoon presentation, we will be doing a signing and poster giveaway at the Marvel booth on Saturday. Paramount is also doing a rundown of its slate on Thursday which I will do my best to attend as well.”

“Cut together”? Hmm, I’m no Hollywood film linguist, but it sounds like he’s talking about revealing the first Iron Man trailer! If that is the case, well, I just feel like a little school girl again!

Favreau drops a few more little nuggets, stating that they “are essentially using the books to inspire our story”. He also reiterates that this movie is being told as Iron Man’s origin story, and that while it stands on its own as a movie, it definitely leaves more to be told. I smell box office sequel revenue!

Finally he takes a moment to respond to some rumors suggesting Samuel L. Jackson, Hillary Swank, and Favreau himself all play roles in the film. I had previously told you of hushed reports of Sam Jackson playing Col. Nick Fury, but there have also been whispers of Hillary Swank playing a S.H.I.E.L.D agent, and Favreau as a Vegas security guard. Favreau says, “There is no truth to any of these rumors,” but then adds, “(Well, maybe one is true.)”

Ahhh!! Leave ’em wantin’ more, eh, John? I declare this story’s comments an official “fanboy forum” for uninformed opinion hurling as to which of these rumors may be true. I say Sam Jackson’s in the movie, because I’ve never wanted anything more in my whole life, except that pony on my sixteenth birthday, which I never got. Don’t you hurt me, too, John Favreau!

[Via Cinematical]

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