50 Cent sues ad company for “promoting violence” in his name

50 Cent with the Press

It appears to lawsuit week. 50 Cent, the annoying guy infamous for songs like “In da Club”, “Candy Shop” and “Disco Inferno” has reportedly sued the internet advertisement company Traffix Inc. The allegations include “promoting violence”, threatening his safety and that the advertisement just “quite literally calls for violence against” him. The lawsuit will bring in $1 Million in damages. C’mon, Curtis. Weren’t you filthy rich already?

The advertisement in question involved a cartoon head of 50 Cent, which was used without his permission. The user is tasked with shooting the head, which is done using the mouse. If successful, the user will “WIN $5,000 or 5 RINGTONES GUARANTEED”. All that is according to the lawsuit, mind you. Still, I’d love to see and play the advertisement. Must be an excellent stress-buster.

Traffix’s lawyer Ezio Scaldaferri refused to comment and claimed that he had not even seen the lawsuit. And on the other hand, 50 Cent’s top-notch lawyers are raving about “completely unauthorized” use of 50 Cent’s image and it being used in a “vile, tasteless and despicable” method.

The inspiration for the ad could have possibly come from the 2000 event, where 50 Cent was shot nine time with a pistol near his grandma’s house.

[Via Yahoo! News]

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  1. I saw this ad! I did find it unusually tasteless for a scam ad, but if I’m not mistaken you end up “shooting” the rapper with a camera, not a gun. Still, I think the implication is obvious.

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