The Xbox 360 Media Revolution

[Update: See a walkthrough of the YouTube, Dailymotion, MSNBC Xbox 360 app.]

One of the biggest launches this Holiday season isn’t going to be a physical one. The Xbox 360 2011 dashboard update brings in many changes not only from an aesthetic perspective but more importantly from an interactive perspective. Continue reading “The Xbox 360 Media Revolution”

Metal Gear Solid Retrospective heads-up


In a follow-on to our recent story regarding Metal Gear Solid
and MGS Retrospective video catchup series.
It is worth mentioning that the next of the weekly editions is
expected to be online anytime now with a direct link to be
found in the prior Stuffwelike story.
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Jurassic Park 4 update


┬áThere has been the first movement all year on Jurassic Park 4. The long running franchise has been less than speedy in turning out a fourth movie with comments from many actors here and there for the last two years plus. This time it’s nothing new but a confirmation of old news. Below is the newest comment from JP1 and JP3 actress Laura Dern about JP4.
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