Hot N Saucy

A lot of us probably don’t pay attention to the ingredients in hot sauce, but if there was a hot sauce that offered fresh ingredients wouldn’t you be interested?

Hot N Saucy is just that. They have a variety of hot sauces, and yes they’re hot. I tried the Beet N Fresno, Garlic N Peperoncini, and Sweet Potato N Habanero.

Beet N Fresno has a smokey taste. Garlic N Peperoncini is a nice verde sauce replacement. Sweet Potato N Habanero has a fun cinnamon taste.

Each have a very unique taste that would be fun to pair with any food that you’re looking to spice up!

Three Hermits

Three Hermits wellness shots are a quick and easy drink to grab to manage your health. Their flavors are Turmeric + Nirgundi, Moringa + Ashwagandha, and Cinnamon + Fenugreek.

Turmeric + Nirgundi helps support immunity, decreases inflammation, and aids muscle recovery. Moringa + Ashwagandha supports immunity, decreases inflammation and stress, and improves sleep. Cinnamon + Fenugreek helps stabilize blood sugar and aids in weight management.

All of these shots are plant-based, vegan, soy and dairy free, and non-GMO. They’re packed with a daily dose of vitamins.

If you’re looking to start your day off on the right track then consider adding Three Hermits to your morning routine!

BetterBody Foods Antioxidant Fruit and Fiber Blend

Looking for an easy way to add antioxidants and fiber into your diet? Well BetterBody Foods Antioxidant Fruit and Fiber Blend does just that!

Packed with fruits, veggies, and plant based proteins add this blend to any shake, muffins, or bars to make them extra healthy. It will help add 1000mg of omega-3 fatty acids and 6g of protein with only 70 calories.

It’s neutral tasting and is made from pea protein, baobab fruit powder, chia seeds, flaxseed, turmeric, carrot, beet, spinach tomato, broccoli, orange, apple, and strawberry.

On top of all this goodness is that it is USDA Organic, non-gmo, and gluten-free. So it’s definitely worth trying out!

Restore Natural Cleaning Products

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past year, you know that cleaning, washing your hands and sanitizing has taken on a whole new level of importance in today’s world. It seems everywhere we go hand soaps, cleaning products, and sanitizers are at the forefront of every store display and continuously advertised on media outlets.

Like so many, I have upped my hand washing and sanitizing tenfold since the start of covid. And while I feel good about making the effort to protect myself, my skin has certainly paid the price for my due diligence. So when I got this variation of Restore Naturals cleaning products, I was really excited to give a new brand a try! 

As a person with generally sensitive skin, I found the sanitizers and hand soaps to not burn and dry my hands out like so many other products do. And while we’re all washing our hands often multiple times a day, this is especially important to avoid irritation. Restore Natural also carries  Dish Soap, 3X Laundry Concentrate, and EnzAway Spot Remover that I found to be consistently gentle and almost completely free of fragrance! A way better option to harsh chemical ridden products- especially during this time of increased cleaning protocols.

I try my very best to be all natural when it comes to what I ingest and put in my body. I’m always sure to check ingredient lists, ethics and strive to be as green as possible. This includes what I put on my skin and the cleaning products I use. After deep diving into Restore Naturals practices I found them to meet the three main standards of natural products- simple, safe, and green. They carry all plant-based cleaning products with non-toxic ingredients that are better for you and better for the environment. 

Gentler, eco conscious and effective products you can feel good about. Restore Naturals products definitely check all of these boxes! Happy cleaning and stay safe!