Metal Gear Solid Retrospective heads-up


In a follow-on to our recent story regarding Metal Gear Solid
and MGS Retrospective video catchup series.
It is worth mentioning that the next of the weekly editions is
expected to be online anytime now with a direct link to be
found in the prior Stuffwelike story.

For those who want a quick explanation, Metal Gear Solid is a major
game franchise and while it is popular someone might find it easier
to watch a video timeline explained out than have to read websites
to try and understand the older games and their story lines.
As that is where the retrospective series comes in and in 15 minute
segments coming in weekly it comes and helps assist in finding all
the relevant information to prepare for the next game.

What it means for you? Something to watch and enjoy and a quick
heads up that every weekend unless something happens a new edition
will come out until the middle of June.

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