Netflix finally arrives on Boxee Box

Long-suffering early adopters of the Boxee Box from D-Link were given a Valentine’s Day present with the release of the new Netflix app. Continue reading “Netflix finally arrives on Boxee Box”

Monday – Chuck begins.

Granted, when it was in the pilot stage Chuck was hated by pretty much all PC guys. The idea of making a cool spy series based around a PC guy was laughable. The critics were proved wrong and Chuck has become one of the greatest shows from last season. Season 2 begins in the US on NBC this Monday and while you might feel like waiting to see it in great high quality on TV there is the option to watch it online now on various streaming services for free from NBC. The only criticism we can find with season two so far is that it appears to be filled with people who are in it just because they worked with the behind-the-scenes people on other shows. Not down to their acting talents but a “people I know” situation. Plus the constant adverts for Call of Duty 4 in every single episode of the first season got a bit annoying.

Anyway, with Chuck having a full second season order already before even a single episode is aired it’s safe to say Chuck should be around until the off-season.

UbiDays will be streaming online.


In an event that will speed up considerably the way that
information comes from Ubisoft’s UbiDays event to the net
Ubisoft have announced they will broadcast the press
conference online. All content will be shown on a new website
called from Wednesday evening (6PM BST).

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Metal Gear Solid Retrospective heads-up


In a follow-on to our recent story regarding Metal Gear Solid
and MGS Retrospective video catchup series.
It is worth mentioning that the next of the weekly editions is
expected to be online anytime now with a direct link to be
found in the prior Stuffwelike story.
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