UbiDays will be streaming online.


In an event that will speed up considerably the way that
information comes from Ubisoft’s UbiDays event to the net
Ubisoft have announced they will broadcast the press
conference online. All content will be shown on a new website
called uplay.com from Wednesday evening (6PM BST).

If you are wondering why the image of Jade Raymond that
comes with this article it’s because Ubi ’07 will be remembered
as the event where Jade stole the show with Assassins Creed.

UbiDays is Ubisoft’s event where they show off gameplay footage
and announce new titles for the coming future. It’s almost better
than the new E3 with a huge amount of content appearing online
normally after legions of games journalists appear filming all the
screens with exclusive footage.

What might the odd part showing just how scripted everything is,
the live stream will come simultaneously dubbed in a number of
languages including French, Spanish, Italian and the ever popular
German. We also have a hunch that English might be available 🙂

What does this mean for you? Not having to wait for websites to
record, transfer, encode, upload and add the press conference to
their website before

getting any video footage of the event. Instead you can invest an
unknown amount of net bandwidth watching the whole thing live.
That’s unless the server has a problem in handling the stress. In that
case it would be back to business as usual and waiting for
GameTrailers.com or a similar site to upload it.

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