Pirates MMO has new content in Feb.


¬†Disney has announced that they are going to release more content for their Pirates of the Caribbean MMORPG game in Feb. These additions will just be to give player character new clothing, tattoo’s and jewellery. There will be additions to the actual quests and ship options later in 2008 but for now character modifications are the only soon to be released items.

Pirates MMORPG is a small game downloadable from piratesonline.com, two of the main issues of the game are the seriously dated graphics and to make the game appeal to more people you download a small game and then gameplay areas download while you are playing them. For people on slower connections this does mean an area pops up out of nowhere. The good news though is that the game is free to play but to get all the options you have to pay a fee as usual.

Activision Blizzard Press Details (Update)

As an update to the current Activision Blizzard merger story we can announce
that for the foreseeable future all press announcements from Activision or Vivendi
will be kept separate apart from details on the merger. We can also report that
it is expected to be complete mid next year.

Crysis patch in two weeks, Performance to be improved (Yes!)

[Update] Crytek has updated the status of their latest patch. 



inCrysis, a Crysis fansite recently hosted an IRC interview with Cevat Yerli, CEO of Crytek and Roy Taylor, Vice President of Content Relations at NVIDIA. They’ve posted the transcript of the event at their site, which can be found here. While most of the stuff is technobabble, I did extract the following information from it:

  • Crytek is currently collecting feedback information and will have a patch ready in 7-14 standard, human days.
  • They are seeing improved performance with every driver and patch update, which is good thing. This also means that performance will be increased in upcoming patches and driver updates.

Some other things worth pointing out:

  • Crysis is designed as part of a trilogy, so the abrupt ending of the singleplayer was very deliberate. That’s right – why make a spectacular story for one game when you can stretch it to fit three and make more money at the same time?
  • Cevat says that if you want to get into the gaming industry, start making maps and mods and things. You’ll be noticed if you try hard enough. No guarantees here.
  • Roy’s response to whether GPUs should handle advanced physics:
    • Generally we believe that the GPU can stand by itself as a powerful processor more than capable of accelerating advanced physics for today’s and future games. The GPU lends itself well to scalable, violent or destructible physics. What we need is an industry standard API that developers and the community can get behind, that isn’t proprietary. Ideally the developer can then select the GPU or other processor as they see fit. We dont have one today, and this is something we are looking into.Specifically with regard to CryEngine 2 we are in discussions with the team about this but can’t add more right now.
  • You should use NVIDIA for playing Crysis.

Thanks, Crownest!

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