Support for a New Console Platform Grows


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Project Natal Is Microsoft’s Next Console?


Rumour has it that Microsoft is gearing up to launch a brand new console next year – bundled with none other than Project Natal.
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Should Apple Enter The Gaming Market?

These are mysterious times. Mysterious indeed. Apple, after dominating the music industry and making a respectably deep dent in the cellphone industry. The Apple TV is also running decently enough, making sure that Apple can invade your TV screens as well. The only field left is… book publishing? No, video games.

According to Don Reisinger here at Cnet, this is not only plausible, but actually should and will most likely happen. Reisinger speculates that Apple in fact, has the ball rolling and will jump into the market sooner or later. Despite the market’s hard-coded domination by Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, Apple will break in. Then again, it’s the only company that can break into the market on their own.

Apple’s focus on hardware and it’s controlling standard entertainment media such as TV, music, your computer and so on, only points at a game console next. Apple also the money to spare, Reisinger notes: $20 billion, which can give it not only a console, but an Xbox-Live style gaming experience that may thrash Microsoft.

What do you think? Will Apple enter the gaming market?

Acer NOT making game console :(

James Wong, of Acer

It appears that the rumour-mongering gaming gossip news sites had it all wrong! Acer is not entering the consoles industry, not making a video game console, and is definitely not going to pose a threat to Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony.

Acer explains that it’s senior VP, James Wong was ‘misinterpreted’ and that there is no way Acer is joining the console league. But then what was all that rumour news we reported all about? Hit the jump to find out!

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Acer to start making open-platform consoles

Acer Aspire

While the console market as of now appears to be dominated by the holy trinity – Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, we’ve been hearing rumours of outsiders such as Apple aspiring to get into the action. Acer appears to have taken interest as well – and it’s going one step further – it will make open-platform consoles, giving game devs more freedom and game players more fun (we think).

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“Motus Darwin” is the Wiimote-killer?

Motus Darwin
Motus Corporation, known for products like iClub, a specialized golfing controller used in golfing games is now looking to broaden its reputation with dastardly plans. Behold, the Motus Darwin – a wireless controller that much resembles the Wiimote, minus the gayness.What makes this motion-sensing rod better than the Wiimote? Well, it’s more accurate and not limited to the Wii for starters. You can use it on the PC you are looking it, for example. For more reasons, hit the jump!
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