Support for a New Console Platform Grows


When the next generation of consoles became publicized developers were hard at work with first party companies to try and get a leg up on the new systems. The Xbox 360 launched first and with it many developers. Then the Wii and PS3 came out, each attracting a different type of developer audience.With consoles being fairly new, PS3 only 2 years old and 360 3 years, one wouldn’t think that a new platform would be on the rise as of yet, at least not until 2011 or 12. That may change.

Ready at Dawn Studios, a developer responsible for the PSP God of War:  Chains of Olympus and Wii port of Okami, have listed a job listing for “a few additions to our engine team in order to add support for an unannounced console platform.” With Sony hard at work trying to keep the latest wave of momentum going with the PS3 Slim and PSP Go releases, it wouldn’t seem likely that they would be dropping a new piece of hardware. Perhaps Nintendo is working on something to shift its own weight against the more mature consoles and attract that core audience they seem to have left behind. Or it could be something entirely new. We will have to wait and see.

[Note] The above picture is a piece of fan concept art and is in no way the real thing.

“Devs gather Support for Unannounced Console” via PlayStation Lifestyle

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36 thoughts on “Support for a New Console Platform Grows”

  1. Actually I heard, just a rumour, but that it would be plexi glass touch screen kinda thing if they go with this so don’t worry about the strength their not gonna make a glass console xD

  2. dayum, all yah haters dhat leave bad comments just hate cause yah aint qonnah be able to afford it. ayyyeee Xp

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  4. Looks like quite a few xbox fanatics here, I am a fan also and love to play games… my gf says I play way too much, but man it’s so pleasant. I’ve been playing mw2 for months and can’t stop! What would you gamers recommend? Anyways, seems like a sweet blog, is this wordpress? I’ve made a few pages myself and ain’t not easy. Cheers for taking time to writing this up.

  5. Yes there seem to be Darrick. Gaming is definitely a great past time but boy is it murder on the wallet. Battlefield Bad Company 2 is highly recommended if you like Modern Warfare 2. Yes this is run by wordpress. I agree that learning the ins and outs certainly is tricky. Thanks for the comment.

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  7. my GT: C a l z z Y x
    im a fanboy, i shit my pants when i see +10 xp.

    im gay, and fancie coutts. <3

    peace out homies, chow im away for a shit 😐

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  8. LUSHHHH!!!
    my dad has never let me buy an expensive gaming console even when he can afford it.
    i only have a psp and a ps2,
    if this comes out and is priced under £1000 i will deffanitely buy it. dont care wot my dad says

  9. Thats sweet but im probably going to like ps3 more i dont wanna play on a small ass screen

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