“Motus Darwin” is the Wiimote-killer?

Motus Darwin
Motus Corporation, known for products like iClub, a specialized golfing controller used in golfing games is now looking to broaden its reputation with dastardly plans. Behold, the Motus Darwin – a wireless controller that much resembles the Wiimote, minus the gayness.What makes this motion-sensing rod better than the Wiimote? Well, it’s more accurate and not limited to the Wii for starters. You can use it on the PC you are looking it, for example. For more reasons, hit the jump!

The Motus Darwin (great name!) is being developed without a console-restraint, and the PC has been confirmed, although we aren’t sure what else it will be developed for. Regardless, it seems to be able to play only specific games, and since we don’t have a list of compatible games yet, don’t get your hopes up just yet. Still, it will cost only $79-$99 once in stores, so if gets good reviews on the Internet, I don’t see why it isn’t worth a buy.

The Darwin senses motion more accurately than a Wiimote, mainly because it uses different sensing technology. While the Wiimote relies on infra-red, the guys at Motus took gyroscopes, accelerometers and other stuff we would have known had we attended our science classes. This results in a device that relates itself to the magnetic north and its position with respect to Earth itself!

Motus expects to have it ready for you to use by this year’s Christmas, but really – until you know what games it’s going to support, this isn’t totally hype-worthy. For all we know, Motus might only get golf games on!

4 thoughts on ““Motus Darwin” is the Wiimote-killer?”

  1. “While the Wiimote relies on infra-red”

    The Wiimote only uses the infrared for pointing/cursor activities. All the motion is detected with accelerometers.
    So the Motus Darwin must be using finer ones that’s all.

    Get your facts straight!

  2. The Wiimote uses infrared for pointing alright, but the Motus Darwin does not, in any way use infrared, relying completely on gyroscopes and accelerometers. You don’t need a sensor bar for this thing!

    We never said that the Wiimote relies *entirely* on infra-red, matey!

  3. Erm… The Wii-Mote uses infrared for pointing, that is, to play light gun games or do things on screen… This is just a dumbed down version of the Wii for consoles

  4. For PC and consoles. Also the Wii is just a dumbed down computer for little kids, what do you expect from a console named wii, it’s name sounds like what a kid says when they need to “go”.Also Motus started work on the Darwin long before the Wiimote was ever thought of.

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