Acer NOT making game console :(

James Wong, of Acer

It appears that the rumour-mongering gaming gossip news sites had it all wrong! Acer is not entering the consoles industry, not making a video game console, and is definitely not going to pose a threat to Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony.

Acer explains that it’s senior VP, James Wong was ‘misinterpreted’ and that there is no way Acer is joining the console league. But then what was all that rumour news we reported all about? Hit the jump to find out!

The truth, the cold bitter truth is that Acer is in fact making a high-end PC just for gamers. Yes, people – that’s the painfully bland news that got you all excited. Way to promote, Acer!

This also sheds the entire hype about an “open standards” console that was going on. At least from what I know, PCs are pretty open as far as standards go, and so there we have it.

So there – Acer is not making a console, anti-current-console-manufacturer anarchists can go back to their scheming caves now. But the PC looks exciting too, so let’s just see how they pan out.

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