Little Big Planet 2 – Review

Little Big Planet 2 Review

The sequel to 2008’s Little Big Planet has just hit shelves and is creating a buzz amongst gamers. Little Big Planet 2 follows the original’s formula with its platform elements and three planes (back, middle and foreground) but has improved many of the original features as well.

One of the features that has been greatly improved is the Create Mode. In the original LBP, it was difficult to navigate around, which led to my frustration and eventual giving up on the level creator altogether. I couldn’t understand how people were coming up with the amazing levels I would see online. Now, with Little Big Planet 2’s user friendly Create Mode, I can try to compete with the great levels other players are creating.
Besides an improved creation mode, LBP2 has brought their story mode to a new level as well. There are 30 story levels in the game, which will keep you at it for a while, trying to accomplish all of the challenges. Each level has a new feel to it and immerses you in a world of completely different art than the previous one. Little Big Planet 2 has also added a few new features such as a jump pad to launch your Sackboy or girl into the air and a helmet, called the Creatinator, that projects any object that you create into the air.

A look at the Creatinator

This PS3 exclusive title is sure to keep you entertained for hours. It has a high re-play value with challenges for every level and new player created levels popping up every day. It is definitely worth checking out!

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