Mass Effect Heading to the Silver Screen

Mass Effect, one of the biggest RPG styled games to grace this generation, is making its way to the silver screen, reports Heat Vision Blog. The game is being handled by Legendary Pictures with an adaptation written by the author of “I Am Legend” and “Thor”, Mike Protosevich. Legendary Pictures has been involved with movies such as “The Dark Knight”, “300”, and the “Clash of the Titans” remake that hit theaters in April. The project at the moment is still in its early stages but many of the team working on the movie have declared it a great game to make into a movie.

Apprently the huge success of “Avatar” was a hurdle that was cleared for the Mass Effect movie because it provevd that audiences were accepting of alien main characters. Warner Brothers will be partnering with Legendary pictures to distribute the film world wide.

Source: Heat Vision Blog

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