Death Race remake trailer online

The original Death Race 2000 was a comedy. Granted it was dark and very sick with drivers including Sly Stallone racing from A to B performing hit and run’s to gain points. The remake is set in a prison and has almost the same with drivers going around a track in the prison for a television audience. The big bit missing is how you don’t gain points from running over innocents in the way of the race. Perhaps it was considered too dark for a modern popcorn flick but having Jason Statham in this movie is a huge bonus. Plus you have Lovejoy also in it.
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There can only be one – Remake!


 This should be the last remake news for a while, we hope! This one should
be a no-brainer in terms of people’s reactions. What should be considered one
of the best movies of the last 100 years, Highlander is to be remade.
While the sequels and TV shows can be forgiven and in some cases considered
good having the original remade is a big mistake.
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